A school going poor boy sells India flags on the side of a road to earn for his studies.

One of the worker's foot print is seen next to silk threads known as 'Kora' kept in a silk dyeing unit in Kanchipuram.

An official in umbrella works with labourers and policemen at a Train accident site.

An old man tries to have a glimpse of Solar Eclipse.

Young ragpickers arrive at a dump yard site to start their work near Manali.

Young volunteers approach girls during a Free Hug Campaign.

Arrested Women shout slogans against politicians who supported war against Srilankan Tamils during a blackflag protest.

A worker extract salt from Saltpans of Marakkanam.

Bull taming Festival near Madurai.

A shiite muslim marks the forehead of a child with knife during Moharram Procession.

Corporation worker walks with the head of Ganesha idol during Ganesha immersion festival.

Workers at a bridge construction site, Chennai.

A scene of a monsoon season.

Girl swings on a rope tied to her father's boat as he didnt venture in to sea due to cyclone 'Laila'

Transgenders mourning the death of Aravan during Koothandavar festival.

Father hugs and lifts his daughter as she became an Officer in Indian Army after the Passingout Parade Ceremony.

A security man walks between the hyundai cars that are going to be exported from Chennai port.

A multiple exposure image shows a french artist performing a classical Bharatanatyam dance.

A model walks the ramp during chennai international fashion week.

A mentally challenged person takes his breakfast in a HOME.

Mentally challenged people in a HOME.

A Leprosy affected old man with his finished painting moves eagerly to show it to his teacher inside a Leprosy Home.

A Leprosy village

A lab person checks the blood collection register at a low cost hospital of CMC.

CMC Rehabilitation Center

Young men exercise before a body building competition.

Ricardo Mello of Brazil serves during a Davis Cup Match, Chennai

Thomaz Bellucci of Brazil returns the ball during a Davis Cup Match, Chennai

Band Party Members

Band Party Members

Migratory Birds

Migratory Birds

Migratory Birds

HIV infected and affected children play in their special school

HIV infected and affected children play in their special school

HIV infected Child plays in her special school

A mother with her son who lost both legs in an accident

Clowns Without Borders